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Assessment and Triage

A single event, or a sequence of events, can cause unstable conditions for a business. When

a crisis occurs, there is need for quick assessment and decisive action.

ARP can instantly implement a crisis management plan.


Fact Finding

ARP looks at internal and extemal factors affecting the company's ability to do business.

We analyze a company's difficulties until we are satisfied that we can

effectively communicate the problems to all necessary parties.



Problem solving is a process.

ARP will prioritize problems to help a company

arrive at the solutions.



A company is made up of people, and ARP knows that all individuals must be involved in

the turnaround process for successful implementation of a business plan.

To that end, ARP makes sure all parties involved understand their

responsibility and the ideas that drive the solution.



ARP follows up on a company's progress.

We confirm the results of implemented solutions.


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